Red Cross & Vidde

Red Cross & Vidde

Together to rescue both people and planet!

Vidde is collaborating with the Norwegian Red Cross in Søgne to see how we can get the future vehicle rescue team ready!

Kristine Lium


Published 05 Jan 2024

During the development of the first version of Vidde, one of the resource teams we’ve been working with to get the wider scope and use cases has been the Swedish mountain rescue team. Our aim is to develop a terrain vehicle that has the ability to be both a fun ride and a companion for those using the snowmobile to do their job. Our initial partners, SkiStar, Icehotel & Skelleftå Kraft have given us a good starting point. But when looking to the more extreme cases – mountain rescue is surely a good example. 

These partnerships have also connected us to the Norwegian Red Cross through the local rescue team in Søgne in the southern part of Norway. Within the Norwegian Red Cross organisation local and regional teams are able to apply for funding dedicated towards sustainable and climate friendly initiatives.  As they got awarded funding Søgne has risen to the occasion with leader of the transportation group, Tom Erik Dønnestad as driving force. 

“This is innovation, and we want to be part of that!” says Tom Erik Dønnestad. We are very happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with the local Red Cross team and the first step is that we during the coming season will collect and identify the opportunities, challenges and typical use cases that is needed for the vehicle to be a reliable tool for both rescuers and us that could find ourselves in situations where we need to be rescued. 

“I think it’s important that the Red Cross is part of the transition to make the rescue service more environmentally friendly. As far as I know this is the first electric rescue vehicle on mainland Norway” concludes Dønnestad.

One of the key focuses during the design process has been to see the modular opportunities the vehicle can have without the product becoming too expensive or complicated. The user research has been conducted together with Viddes design partner, the legendary Pininfarina where the focus has been to create the perfect combination of form and function. 

“Based on the cases we identify during the coming season we will be able to have a clear view on how and what need to be the focus when Red Cross Søgne get’s their first vehicle for the 24/25 season”, says Kristine Lium heading design and sustainability at Vidde. 

During the national conference we got to present Vidde and talk about the solution at a session together with the transportation group and the overall response was very positive and the rescuers were very enthusiastic about the development of a more sustainable vehicle. 

As always the focus is on range, charging and how the cold climate will be a challenge to the functionality.

 “We have gone through a development within the automotive industry where cars have been both being a positive frontrunner showing that it’s possible to go electric but it’s also shown that weather and conditions have an effect on the performance. This is something that we’ve focused on from the beginning and is one of the key benefits as our assembly, testing and home base is in the arctic climate where the product will be used every day once it’s launched”, concludes Kristine Lium .